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Seat is made by injection method from high-quality stabilized polipropelyn. The seat’s surface is smooth, ensure security and comfort of using thanks to ergonomic profiling and rounded edges. Very strong constuction guarantee resistance to vandalism. The chair is resistant to high and low temperatures and UV radiation. There is outflow for water in central part of seat. Simple method of fixing to ground by using 2 pegs or screws (bolt) eliminate necessity to use different, additional supported elements. The places of fixing let camouflage dummies they are made from the same material like seat. The chair has hollow to fix the table with number. Material: koopolimer – polipropylen Warrenty UV – 3 years Standard seats: Color stability EN 13200-4 Fire resistant PN-EN 1021-1:2007; 1021-2:2007 Toxicity PN – 88/B-02855:1988 Strength: 3 level, PN-EN 12727:2004 Available colors:blue, white, green,yellow, red, orange size height back 25 cm, width 43 cm, depth 36,5cm

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