Tennis Court / Tennisplatz - Komplett-Anlage mit Bodenbelag

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Die Komplettlösung für alle, die einen fast wartungsfreien, kostengünstigen Tennisplatz mit Bodenbelag benötigen. Ideal geeignet für Schulen, öffentliche Sportanlagen, Hotels und private Bereiche.

Größe und Farben frei wählbar.

Der Bodenbelag besteht aus Polypropylen-Platten, die wie ein Fußboden zusammengesteckt werden.

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The COURTY surface consists of easy-to-install propylene modules. The range of available colors includes 5 options for outdoor surface: medium green, dark green, blue, red and brick-red, and 2 options for indoor use: light blue and beige, to be combined at any configuration.

The COURTY surface is:

Safe and user-friendly
Modules are made by using a modern technology and their structure allows for receiving any overloads acting on the musculoskeletal system of players, thus damping the loads both in a vertical and horizontal axis. It is one of the unique solutions on a global scale.

It is effective both in terms of ball bounce speed, slide efficiency, stability and resistance to mechanical damage while doing roller skating, inline skating or using wheel chairs.

It saves time and energy needed for cleaning and maintaining its performance:
- it is frost-proof
- outdoor surface is highly resistant to fading (high content of UV absorber)
- indoor surface is fire resistant (high content of flame retardand)
- open-work plate structure of outdoor surface protects against puddles
- thanks to the great strength of material, it does not require any protection against mechanical damage due to high pressure (e.g. caused by a car or other machines).

Cost-free operation. Additionally, thanks to the high speed of assembly and disassembly, the costs of these operations are much lower than for other surfaces.

Extremely esthetic, which results from the manufacturer’s utmost care for color selection, texture and connection system to provide a perfectly even surface.

Polypropylene is an oxy-biodegradable material. In addition, the COURTY surface can be dismantled and resold, or installed at some other place, without any damage to the ground. A worn COURTY surface can be sold for recycling. Surface is formaldehyde and pentachlorophenol free.

The COURTY surface has an Approval of the National Institute of Hygiene and ITF Classification (5 – Fast surface).

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